Chegus Infotech Management.

Mr. Srinivas Vittal

He is the chief motivator of the company. He brings an experience of about 26 years in marketing, management and international finance & Commodity trading. He is the chief promoter, closely associated with operations and business development of all the group companies. He travels extensively to all countries where the group has their operations.

Mr Srinivas Vittal was based in Africa for 10 out of the past 12 years in trading of commodities in various countries. The inception of this company was purely based on fact that his contacts and Africa experience can be leveraged to market the software products which we are developing.

Ms. Lakshmi Kumari

She brings in about 20 years of experience in logistics, finance and accounting. Based out of Bangalore, she is in-charge of the group companies’ financials. At Chegus Infotech, she handles day to day operations and gives an insight into the product development from a user perspective.

Ms. Neethi Mannaji

She brings in about 8 years of experience in product development. She has extensive knowledge of the Insurance domain and good understanding of the functionality of products in general.

She leads a young group of Software Developers who have been picked from good educational institutions and have been trained under experienced Professionals both in house and outsourced.

Our young and dynamic team is well supported, guided, advised by many domain experts and technical consultants.

Chegus Infotech