Life Insurance Product

Our product covers the entire lifecycle of life insurance operations, and enables real-time new business submission, underwriting, policy issuance, alteration and even renewals. It also includes claims, reinsurance, billing, collection and payment, entity management, and other supporting functions, e.g., reporting and document management with multiple languages support.

The fully parameterized product configurator enables faster new product creation or product modification.

Our software suite is designed based on N-tiered Java EE technology and service-oriented architecture.

Key business benefits

  • Easy Integration - our Life insurance system is scalable, flexible and easily integrates with third party systems.
  • Multi-currency, multi-national - including extensive multi-currency support and multi-language capabilities
  • Integrated document management system :

    You can attach documents (scanned) to the System, example, customer related, claims supporting documents / evidences, etc., alternatively the ability to reference documents from a Document Management System.

  • Automatic/ Manual - Email and SMS notification - which can be configured based on client requirements.
  • Black box available for audit logs :

    and printing of important documents from the system. Audit Logs - system captures the person name who created, modified or deleted a document and keeps track of all such activities for printing as well.

  • Dynamic reporting tool :

    able to provide departments the ability to develop ad hoc reports at their discretion and have output flexibility i.e. can be printed or exported into several industry-standard formats such as Adobe PDF, XML, XLS, XLSX, CSV, TXT etc.

  • User Interface :

    system provides an intuitive, user-friendly, and easy–to use interface that minimizes the need for training. The simple and efficient interface allows users to define new and innovative reinsurance programs, treaties, risk types, classes, and accumulation parameters.

  • Dashboards - Profile based dashboards for different users.
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