know about our products

“Our Product gives you a flexible policy administration platform that would replace your multiple legacy systems and position your Organization for growth by enabling you to react more quickly to market opportunities.”

Our one of the main product is GENIE - GEN - Non-Life Insurance Software Management Application . This would help general insurance companies to launch any number of products, maintain their customers and agents, enter proposals and policies, settle claims.

Key business benefits

  • Any level of Security configuration.
  • Multi-currency, bi-lingual support.
  • Complete business view at all times with integrated underwriting, claims, reinsurance, and finance modules.
  • Improved productivity and minimal manual intervention, and capability to configure multiple insurance products.
  • Smarter business decision-making with advanced insurance analytics and reports.
  • Increased flexibility and scalability, resulting in quicker service cycles and reliable data entry.
  • Efficient handling of voluminous transactions.
  • Enhanced fraud prevention with transaction auditing capability.
  • To provide general insurance industry with a valuable solution to streamline insurance process with adhering to best industry practices..
  • Standard Search engine and Export options in all Modules.
  • Robust and Flexible.

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