GENIE - Health Insurance Software Management Application

GENIE-HEALTH is comprehensive end to end health insurance application with quotation, underwriting, policy servicing, Claims, fraud detection, printing of medical cards, reinsurance, and finance module handling individual and group medical plans.

Key business benefits

  • A modern, microservices architecture that enables progressive transformation, flexibility, and performance
  • New Products Design Creation and setting up of brand-new products in a faster and more reliable way. Diffusion of products through all distribution channels.
  • Rules-based and highly configurable for claims processing, auto-adjudication, benefit administration, enrollments, eligibilities, premium billing, and more

  • Configuration of International Medical codes - Procedural and Diagnosis Codes.
  • Smart Card Integration: Integration with smart healthcare card system.

  • Automated billing, payment, and collection processes

  • A holistic view of revenue and financial transactions across plans and lines of business.

  • Dashboards - Profile based dashboards for different users.